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A San Benito native, Greg Swett has always rolled up his sleeves and got things accomplished.

Following his graduation from Berkeley, Greg went to work in transportation, where his diverse skillset was put to use operations, finance and computer architecture for a major transportation firm.

For the last 35 years, Greg has followed his passion and worked in farming. He is a longstanding member of the San Benito County Farm Bureau and served as their president.

Greg was elected to the Willow Grove Elementary School in 2014 and currently serves as president.

The $12 Million Oops 784 feet of new Highway 25
What am I talking about? This is how we get to a $202 billion budgets by spending $12 million on Highway 25 in Southern San Benito County. The road is near Pinnacles National Park but is not greatly used—350 cars daily in one direction. What you are looking at is Caltrans first attempt to fix it and it was $2 million. It lasted about two weeks before it came crashing down—and luckily no one was hurt which is one benefit of the low traffic count. The distance of this project is 784 feet. On a per mile basis--$80 million! Understand that this road is bad for 38 miles—winding around the hills, which attracts motorcycle drivers from around the world. And occasionally said motorcycles don’t obey rational speed limits and become unintentional organ donors. All 38 miles needs to be straightened but this $12 million project is not part of any long-term plan so if this road can be improved it is not probable that this will fit into the final plan. Whether the road ever is improved is questionable but it does serve one of only 62 National Parks in the US.

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Fire Fighting – Wild Lands
We need to implement best practices in our wild lands to reduce fire intensity and reduce or eliminate suburban engulfment. We know what has to be done—reduce fuel loads, control burns, and manage fires that do start that pose no risk to continuing to burn that will improve overall health of our wild lands.

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Gasoline Pricing: Do You Like Paying a $1.00/Gallon More?
One of the things that define Californians is we really like our cars. And we seem to like paying a lot for gasoline. Basically Californians pay a $1.00 more per gallon than most other states. What do we get for that? Basically, not a lot—road quality? Less congestion? Great public transportation? Essentially it becomes part of a giant slush fund.

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High Speed Rail and Gilroy/Morgan Hill No Station on Westside—More traffic
High Speed Rail is an example of the promises of California and the sheer incompetency of Democratic implementation management. Contrast the work done on HSR in the central valley vs. Central Pacific’s building of the Sierra Nevada crossing starting in 1865. The Central Pacific was 690 miles vs. the current HSR 119 miles in the central valley. The Central Pacific was built and operational in 4 years. HSR started construction in 2013 and anticipates running trains in 2027—14 years. And compare the Central Valley with the Sierra Nevada. And let’s not think about pick axes vs. Caterpillar World. Does it get built is still an open question.

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How to actually solve our Congestion
Approximately 18 years ago Santa Clara’s VTA did an engineering study on alternative for highways in San Benito and Santa Clara County. The San Benito County Farm Bureau provided one of the proposals studied by Caltrans/VTA in which it was suggested a combined highway could handle the major traffic issues facing the region. Interestingly enough, the proposal actually was the best of the alternatives. More importantly, cost a $Billion less and reduced significant land takings.

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